Listed beneath are a few frequently asked questions. Your acknowledgment is abundantly accepted as we strive to accommodate a bigger chump experience. Amuse accelerate any questions you ability accept to [email protected]


  1. How continued will it booty for my items to arrive?
  2. Orders usually access aural 3 - 5 business days. The aircraft time varies from artefact to product, depending on the appeal and aircraft location.


  1. How continued will it booty to accept a tracking number?
  2. The action usually takes amid 1-2 business days.


  1. Area can I abode an adjustment from?
  2. Orders can be placed from the Affiliated States.


  1. Is aircraft FREE?
  2. Yes, aircraft is Free.


  1. Area is your aggregation located?
  2. We accept an appointment in USA and UK.


  1. Which bill will I be answerable in?
  2. We action all orders in USD or GBP.


  1. Who can I acquaintance if I accept a botheration with my order?
  2. All inquiries can be forwarded to [email protected]


  1. How can I pay?
  2. We acquire all Above Cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex, and additionally Paypal.


  1. Is Checkout on this armpit safe and secure?
  2. You can blow assured that your online purchases are safe and secure.


  1. If I access my email abode will you advertise my information?
  2. We never advertise advice about our customers. Emails are alone acclimated for aftereffect and to accelerate newsletters about our promotions and coupons for discounts.


  1. Will, I (the customer) accept to pay customs?
  2. No, there will be no added allegation added than the artefact cost. We will handle the rest.

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