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One of the best golf training aids to advance agility, flexibility, and power.

The Golf Beat Trainer is an ideal golf training aid advised to advance your beat while deepening your amount muscles. It encourages a adulate beat even and armament the declivity to be accomplished by the lower body, acceptance you to action slices.

Use the Beat Trainer to bare your hidden ambit and consistency. The abounding arch will enhance the body's adeptness to alteration weight, and advance form, balance, and power.

The Beat Trainer gives you burning beheld and concrete acknowledgment on your swing's tempo, so you can bound and calmly actualize the absolute accent for your swing.

 Whether you're a Bout Amateur or a beginner, application a beat trainer allows you to feel if your beat is in accent and balance.


  • High-Quality Material: Fabricated from High-Quality Fiberglass material, this Golf Training aid is Durable, Strong, and Congenital to Last. Whether you comedy golf competitively or comfortable with friends, this sports accessories will clothing you.
  • Improve Your Golf Mechanics: The beat Trainer simulates the accustomed feel of lag, and it develops amount golf muscles. Actual the aisle and advance a adulate beat even that is accomplished from the lower body, acceptance you to action slices. 
  • Build Added Power: Body beef anamnesis and strengthen your beat with the abounding arch so you can hit every brawl with ease. The added angle in the shaft helps amplify your swing, giving you added ability and bigger control.
  • Perfect Countdown Tool: Ask any Bout Amateur or Golf Adviser and they will acquaint you it's the absolute countdown apparatus because it appropriately stretches your golf anatomy while perfecting bounce and balance.
  • Develop Absolute Tempo: Beat the Trainer repetitively to accretion analytical acknowledgment and actual bad habits. The abstract angle allows for a lag during your backswing to advice acquisition your tempo. Use this accessible training aid 10-20 times a day to advance your game.
  • Legal to backpack on the Course: Beat Trainer is absolutely acknowledged to backpack on course, Fits calmly in a golf bag, and doesn't calculation appear a club in your bag either. 

  1. Simply use the Bounce Trainer like you would use a approved golf club and convenance your beat 10-15 times afore around, at the range, or during an off day in your active allowance or garage.
  2. If at any point during the beat you don’t accept accomplished accent and balance, the brawl will wobble and highlight the exact moment your beat became out of tempo.
  3. Focus on cutting out this awareness and in aloof ten to fifteen convenance swings, Your golf beat will calmly accomplish a absolute tempo.

 Key Allowances of the beat trainer:
  • Giving you the Reliable Bendability you’ve consistently adapted in your golf game.
  • Adding 10, 20, or alike 40 yards of added ambit to every swing.
  • Lowering your affliction by 2, 5, or alike 7 strokes.
  • Plus, the abounding arch will body backbone and adaptability in your arms, shoulders, and core.
Size Suggestion:


Material: Bottle Fiber

Head weight: 2.5lb


1x Gold Beat Trainer

Golf Beat Trainer
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