Garden Accomplished - Baby Board Accomplished Courtyard Bridge

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To restore the aesthetic agreeableness of authentic solid copse and to present its accustomed texture, we accept above fir materials. We use solid copse that has been carbonized and is anti-corrosive, authoritative it moisture-proof and waterproof.

The board arch is acceptable for a advanced ambit of uses, which can accommodate courtyards, gardens, balconies, farms, breathtaking areas, etc.

Users can be bigger adequate with assurance handrails on both sides. Furthermore, the affected angled anatomy is not alone admirable but can additionally abutment weights up to 225 pounds.


  1. The arrangement of solid wood
  2. Anticorrosion and moisture-proofing
  3. Adamantine to batter and stable
  4. Assure from rain and sun
  5. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  6. Acceptable for calm and alfresco use
  7. Classic and admirable angled anatomy architecture enhances the attending of any garden walkway
  8. Solid fir copse ensures aerial backbone and able weight capacity
  9. Stable and able anatomy can abutment a weight of 500lbs
  10. The accomplished arch is not accessible to collapse beneath compatible stress
  11. Handrails on both abandon anticipate rolled-over
  12. Detailed apprenticeship for simple installation
  13. Suitable for gardens, yards, abreast streams, or on alluvium roads

  1. Material: Fir
  2. Color: Burlywood
  3. Ambit : (59.06 x 26.38 x 22.05)" / (150 x 67 x 56)cm(L x W x H)
  4. Artefact Design: Carbonization And Anti-Corrosion
  5. Amount Bearing: 500lbs / 226.8kg
  6. Weight: 35.27lbs / 16kg

Package Includes:
  • 1 x Carbon Black Board Bridge
  • 1 x Hardware Accumulation Accessories
  • 1 x Specification
Garden Accomplished - Baby Board Accomplished Courtyard Bridge

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