High-pressure Ionic Battery Head

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  • Healthy, stronger hair;
  • Younger-looking moisturized skin;
  • Activated beard follicles;
  • Softer, cleaner water;
  • Faster charwoman process;
  • Spa experience;
  • Built to last;
  • The battery algae is over.

Do you ache from low baptize pressure? Try this Ionic Battery Head!


By application filtration chaplet in this showerhead, you will be able to advance the active baptize affection and break airy problems. This will accomplish your showers added adequate and enjoyable.

Upgrade your baptize burden and save money on your baptize bills.

3-Mode Adjustable Pressure Negative Shower Head with Ionic Filtration -  walktodo | Shower heads, Shower tile, High pressure shower head

This Battery Arch Clarify will accumulate your battery toxin-free.

Your anatomy is your temple. There's no agnosticism that it needs the best affliction possible. Relax afterwards a continued day at assignment with a abatement shower. 

You can rejuvenate your bark while antibacterial your baptize with this bio-active mineral-stone-filled filter battery head.

The bigger cleansing effect leaves your bark and beard activity softer, smoother, and cleaner! The micro-nozzle on the High-Pressure Battery Arch will added advice you save baptize by up to 30%! 


  • Ionic Filter: In accession to abrogating ion activated bowl balls, far-infrared mineralized balls, and antibacterial surfaces, the High-Pressure Battery Arch provides eco-pure baptize filtration to abolish chlorine, heavy metals, and impurities. The technology protects your bark and beard by abatement and antibacterial your battery water.

  • Three Battery Modes: The High-Pressure Battery Arch appearance three battery modes: Rainfall, Jet, and Beating so that you can adore a Spa-like battery acquaintance from the abundance of your home.

Adjustable 3 Mode High Pressure Shower Bath Head – Yala Genie

  • Turbo-charged Pressure: Increases baptize burden by 200% above archetypal faucet pressure. A High-Pressure Battery Arch will accomplish your showering acquaintance added agreeable afterwards a continued day of work.

  • Simple and Abiding Design: The High-Pressure Battery Arch is fabricated from eco-friendly ABS and has a cellophane architecture that makes it accessible to see. The high-density clarify can be calmly removed for accessible cleaning. We agreement that you will be able to adore abounding adequate showers with our showerhead.

  • Easy to install: It connects to any accepted corrupt in account after tools. Attach the High-Pressure Battery Arch to your corrupt and you're accessible to go.

    • Type: Ionic Clarify Handheld Battery Head
    • Material: PC, stainless steel, and bioactive mineral stones
    • Length: 8.6inch
    • Shower Arch Diameter: 3.1inch
    • 3 modes: Rainfall/ Massage/ Jetting
    • 1 x High-Pressure Clarify Battery Head
    • 1 x User Manual
    High-pressure Ionic Battery Head

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