Wanda-ring no more…

(Owners Peter and Sandy write) Wanda has made lots of new friends, both four legged and two legged, since she has been here. When she arrived she was given a guided tour of her new home. She then gave us both a long hug (which she does every morning when we take her out for her first walkies of the day). Unfortunately she then developed a bout of kennel cough so she spent the next couple of weeks or so somewhat house bound. We took her to a highly rated vet in Nueva Andalucia (who unfortunately displayed no bedside manners at all) so she now has a really nice, gentle, caring Spanish vet and his wife in Marbella who took a great deal of care in getting her over that problem.


During her first three days here she did not bark at all, but then a new security guard arrived, he looked and acted as if he was patrolling in the Bronx, we did not like the look of him over-much and Wanda seemed to share our views and would not stop growling and barking at him when ever he did his rounds of the community. Thankfully he moved on a couple of weeks later and Wanda seems to be friends with everybody but will run up and down the garden snorting and making enough noise to warn us when ever a stranger passes by.

She has a wonderful sweet temperament and “bouncy” lively and mischievous personality. She has scattered the garden with pieces of wood she finds in the undergrowth and digs in the flower beds to hide her bones and other stuff that she seems to find (mainly from desk drawers in my study that I have forgotten to shut and shoes that I have left outside). She is certainly house trained and only occasionally uses the garden if we have been a bit late in taking her for a walk.

She is an absolute delight and we love her to bits (although Sandy’s cat still keeps out of her way) and are so pleased that you rescued her and that we turned up at the right time to give her a new home.

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