Nina and Seven

nina&7pupsHer is little Nina – taken in to the shelter with her seven puppies to save them all from a certain fate at the dog pound.  The pups are 4 boys and three girls – sweet as you like.  They have had the once over at the vet and all seem well.  We’ll have some more pictures of the pups in due course.


Nina and Seven — 9 Comments

    • Please let me know how I can make a donation for Nina and her 7 pups. I FIRST MET Nina when she was living with a french family in the Campo. She wasvery close to the 11 year old son, but is very wary of adults. The french family abandoned her so their neighbours fed her. Sadly, they were not permanent residents in Spain and it became neccessary for other English people to help Nina. She would be best placed with a family that has a young boy who would give her love and security. She is a very unlucky dog, but hopefully she will find a loving family who do notmind paying for vet bills and other costs. The English couple did not have sufficient interst in paying for vet bills, hence the reason why she fell pregant. She is used to a great deal of freedom and Space. She roamed the fields and river banks where she used to live.

      • Tthankyou roger. She is being well cared as is her pups. All dogs in fama are microchipped vacinated and sterilized. She will have no more babies. I have someone interested in adopting her when the time is right. Will keep you posted.

  1. Apups were gorgeous but now even more gorgeous but there is still 1 left well he is a big pup now hes black and white very gorgeous and is lots of fun to be with he just now nedds a lovely home to have a new family his name is dandy so please if any one is interested please give us a visited if you would like to adopt a frfriendly dog fama is the best place to come if you want to give a dog a forever home please please please come and adopted a dog from us , THANKS SO MUCH ,, FROM AMY GRIEVES x


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