FAMA Sponsored Walk

FAMA will be holding a charity sponsored dog walk in aid of our funds. (Charity number G92875848)

It will be held on Sunday April 7th, providing it is not wet. If it is wet, the walk will be postponed to Sunday April 21st.

We will be starting at 12 noon at the KARMA Bar Fuengirola port. The walk will end at the Carribean Bar in Carvajal.

It will be 10 Euros to register and we hope as many of you can come as possible.


FAMA Sponsored Walk — 10 Comments

  1. Would love to join you on the sponsored walk with Lola, as long as I’m in Spain. Will donate €10 to the cause whichever way.

  2. Heather – looking into putting the form on the site – not as easy as I first thought. But I’m on the case!

  3. Hello Pat, i came to look at your lovely shelter and Would very much like to join in with your sponsored walk, do we walk one of your dogs,or our own? Is it a family event? My 2 teenagers will walk with me and between us we can walk your 2 of your little dogs,may be bobby and the new lhaso Apso ?! With my own Lhaso!

    • Hi Julie, pleased you liked our shelter. Be delighted if you are able to join us. It would be good to walk yours this time as I believe most of ours will take part if the are able.
      For sure it is a family day. Let me know if you need any other info.

  4. Ok thanks for the reply !
    We are away for a few days (as its Easter break form school) until Saturday night, so will be there Sunday, I’m quite new to the area but I’m sure it won’t be hard to find everyone and lots of dogs in the port area! Kind regards Julie ~

  5. HHello, several of us with our dogs will be joining you tomorrow and have raised a lot of sponsors too. We are coming from Marbella and dont really know Fuengirola well, could you please send a map or directions for the start and tell us best place to park cars?? Thanks Wendyx

    • Hi wendy. Just head to fuengirola marina and you will find the main square in the port. Karma Bar is situated here. There are 3 car parks here but you will have to pay. On sundays it is free to park in town. We can direct you to the Carribean bar when you register. See you tomorrow -)

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